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Did you know? smartphones using would change our morphology…

Incredible but true… according to a British study, carried out by the company O2, the shape of our fingers would be modified due to the excessive use of his smartphone.

Thus, 5% of the population would have one thumb bigger and more muscular than the other.

The study was conducted with people aged 18 to 34 years, using their phones on average two hours a day.

The Result : 13% of them have had their morphology modified.

With friction, the thumb would become muscular and its volume would increase.

Apparently, the little finger could also change. Indeed, this one allows you to keep the smartphone in your hands. A small hollow could therefore be observed.

“Our bodies and limbs have always adapted. So this is not surprising,” says Nina Bibby, director at O2. However, the speed of adaptation is more surprising.

Other results have also appeared: 19% of users suffer from nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia). This means that the smartphone has become a real addiction and that participants could not do without it even for a day…

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