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Windows 10: May update… what’s new?

The new update “windows 10 May 2019 update” is available. This is a major version and we offer you a short summary of the main new features:

Light theme

A new light mode allows you to obtain a light rendering in its entirety. Just activate it in the settings.

Start menu

Its main change concerns the sub-menus for stopping or restarting. These are now illustrated with icons and an improved hover effect.

Possibility to delete default applications

It is now possible to delete default applications

Network icon

This one changes and becomes a small globe.

Login to your account

The connection choice is now displayed more clearly

Clock synchronization

It was previously not possible to manually launch a synchronization with the server. Well, now it is.

Enhanced security

Windows has added an “anti-falsification” setting to prevent viruses and other software from disabling real-time protection. It must be activated in the protection settings.

Password Reset

A new link “I forgot my PIN” is provided when you log in.

Other surprises await you…… To discover them, do not hesitate to install your new update:)

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