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The “screen time” application to detach your iPhone

The time spent in front of his phone is constantly increasing. Thus, with the new IOS 12, Apple is offering a new “screen time” application.

This reduces the time spent on your smartphone by blocking the device or reducing access to certain programs.

We help you make these few adjustments to help you better manage this addiction or that of your children.

First go to settings – screen time.

Then, you can define a downtime. This means that during this period, only the applications you choose will be accessible, as well as the basic use of your phone.

It is also possible to add an “app limit” that will focus only on an application (or category), such as social networks for example.

VoyeSee below how to select the desired categories.

You can therefore choose the maximum duration of use per day and when the limit is reached, access to the application will be blocked. It is also possible to select certain days.

However, it is possible to keep applications accessible in all conditions.

It is up to you to choose which ones to add and remove according to your needs and desires.

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