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$ 10 billion to stay default search engine

In order to remain the default search engine on iOS, Google would have paid $ 9.5 billion to Apple. This information comes from the “Goldman Sachs” bank.

This amount, which is indeed huge, represents in fact 20% of the turnover of the firm to the apple for its division “services”. This division includes Apple Music, iTunes or iCloud.

Google, aware of the strength of Apple in the mobile world, wants to remain competitive but especially maintain its leading position on smartphones.

Apple, meanwhile, also needs its revenue to continue to invest in new services.

This “win-win” association can be considered as dependence on the part of Apple.

The company plans to expand its service offering: it thinks in particular of Amazon prime’s equivalent or a streaming video game platform.

In the meantime, this transaction of almost $ 10 billion is quite beneficial for everyone…

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