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Amazon Echo Input, coming soon!

Want to make your old speakers a little more smart? Well it’s possible thanks to Amazon Echo input, which will be available from January 30th.

What is is about ?

Launched last September, this is a small accessory, pebble shaped, working with the personal assistant Alexa. It only costs 40 euros and it allows you to modernize your old speakers.

How does it work ?

This small device brings the Alexa personal assistant, as well as its features, to any speaker. This is done through a wired 3.5 or Bluetooth connection.

The goal is to modernize the use of your old speakers, without making a big investment.

Echo input is equipped with 4 microphones for voice commands, as well as two buttons. The first is to cut the microphones and the other, to use the personal assistant without having to say the word “Alexa”.

You simply need a Wi-Fi connection to use it.

This one is extremely easy to use and is available in several colors.

You can order it right now on Amazon.

Have Fun 😉

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