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Asus releases malware because of hacking

Asus, a victim of hacking, sent malicious updates to his customers without realizing it.

This highly sophisticated attack lasted from May to November 2018…

Users, specifically targeted, received the ASUS Live Update software, which was modified.

This Malware was designed to analyze the machine’s MAC address and compare it to a list of 600 addresses. As soon as the target was identified, software was downloaded. Kapersky, who discovered the flaw, is trying to understand what the purpose of this action was. The analyses are in progress.

The number of infected computers is several million, in different countries, mainly in Russia, Germany and France.

Asus reacted to the attack by offering security solutions: he modified the latest version 3.6.8 of his Live Update software and ensures that he is no longer infected. This is of course reinforced to prevent this kind of attack.

It is also possible to check if your computer has been touched via a tool proposed by Asus, but also by Kapersky.

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