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It’s time to do some cleaning with our Gmail

You also have an email box that overflows ? in which you receive any type of messages: administrative, private, professional, etc. ?

So this article is for you.

In order to find you, it is necessary from time to time to make storage.

Our goal is to help you structure your email box by categorizing your messages using a folder creation and management tool.

Your messages will be placed under labels and will no longer appear in your inbox, which will be more airy.

How to ?

First select the email to put away. Then click & nbsp; “Move to”

Click on “Create”

Name your label.

In the left column, the new folder appears.

Then you can add the emails of the same subject in the same way. And of course, reproduce the same manipulation by adding other categories.

It is also possible to create subfolders by classifying them by thematic. The goal is to help you find some emails more easily.

Notice however that this is not a folder but a label that will appear in color. The email in question will not be filed & nbsp; in a folder.

We hope to have helped you to better organize your messages … to find you there and especially to save time.

Good luck !

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