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The IPhone XR is the most popular since its launch

Apple revealed that its bestseller was, against all odds, its iPhone Xr.

Indeed, the cheapest of all is apparently the big winner.

Its price starts at 855 euros against 1.155 euros for the Xs and 1.255 euros for the Xs Max. This information comes from Greg Joswiak, Apple Product Marketing’s Vice President.

On the apple firm side, the 2018 results were not terrible. Sales of smartphones are decreasing even if the price continues to increase.

The first three quarters of 2018 show a lower figure than expected and the last quarter was not on the top either. Apple has also decided to give more information about the sales volumes of its products.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple would have decreased its production of iPhones. This information has not been confirmed by Joswiak, who has simply said that the iPhone Xr “has been the most popular and the most sold” so far.

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