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The Galaxy Fold, available May 3

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold has just announced its release date and price.

With an ultra high-end positioning, this foldable phone will be on sale from May 3, for the modest sum of 2020 euros.

In order to satisfy its customers, Samsung also offers some additional services with the purchase of the device: a pair of Galaxy Buds, home made true wireless in-ear earphones, a kevlar case and a Samsung Care+ warranty for one year.

Samsung wants to keep this “premium” aspect, by carefully choosing its points of sale, by not exposing the phone in stores and by offering a real personal experience.

In addition, the phone will not be sold in bulk. The goal is to keep its exclusivity.

An event is also planned for the launch of Samsung’s new jewelry.

In any case, the suspense is at its height. Only a few privileged journalists were able to touch him. We therefore wonder whether it will meet consumer expectations.

For such a price… it better be perfect 😉

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