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TCL develops a foldable watch phone

The new trend is phones with multiple use.

Like Samsung and its competitors, Chinese TLC is also entering the market by developing a phone, whose screen folds and turns into a wristwatch.

But that’s not all, he’s also working on folding tablet. A tablet that folds inward, and the second, outward.

Regarding the phones, it’s the same thing, but also being able to fold vertically, like a flip phone.

And the most interesting thing is the curling function to wrap around the wrist, like a bracelet, or rather like a watch.

The brand is talking about launching its new concept in 2020. However, it has not yet shown any prototype but intends to add different types of folding products, such as TVs, clothes, etc.

Notice also that TLC is mainly known in the audiovisual world. Nevertheless, it intends to establish itself as a major competitor in the telephone market, using new technologies.

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