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Use private browsing on the internet

Did you know that it was possible to surf the internet incognito ?

Indeed, by default, you connect to your browser via a connection, which is called “public” This means that our activities on the internet are recorded and our browsing history is saved, as are the sites we visited.

Cookies work and allow the ads to target us because our navigation is detectable.

However, you do not always want to be able to trace your movements on the internet, don’t you? That’s what private browsing is for.

All browsers offer this option.

To access it, go to your browser settings. Instead of opening a standard window, click on “open an incognito window”.

Concretely, the purpose of this type of navigation is to hide your activity on the internet against third parties who have access to your computer (family, colleagues …).

Nevertheless, browsing privately does not mean being invisible on the internet. Sites will still have access to your IP address and location. And your employer can also know that you surf on the internet if he wants to know.

In addition, search engines will continue to record your query.

However, you will not have to share your browsing habits or be targeted by ads … it’s not that bad.

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